Freebie Friday: Greenshot


Working in IT, I often have a need to take screenshots and annotate them. Usually this is because I’m working with a user that has overlooked something on their screen and I need to point it out to them, or I’m making a walk-through or tutorial (like those found in some of my how-to posts). I used to accomplish this by taking a screenshot using the Alt + Prt Scr hotkey (a.k.a. the old-fashioned way) and then importing the screenshot into an image editor, like Adobe Photoshop, for annotation. I found this to be a fairly cumbersome and time-consuming process, so I started looking for a solution. It wasn’t long before I found Greenshot.

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Brian Dunham is a Cisco and Microsoft certified network and systems engineer with over a decade of experience in the Information Technology field. When he is not in front of a computer he can be found out in the wilderness canoing, hiking, fishing, or camping.